Can Douwe Egberts coffee jars be used for preserving pickled onions?

Thank you
The lid is glass with a plastic suction bottom, see pic
Specifically, I need to know if the lid is airtight enough

yes very much so. So go ahead and preserve your pickled onions in a jar

where can I buy a chemex glass coffee drip,in local zip 11040 ?

For Dealers Near Your Location, Please contact Customer Service:

I want to buy the nescafe coffee machine, in India?

I want to buy one of those nescafe machines, which are used in certain airports and shops, to make coffee and tea in my office. How can i buy it in india and how much will it cost

U May Have To Buy The Machine From The Wholesalers Of Nescafe Or Using E-Bay Or Any Other Online Shopping Sites Which Do Deliver In India.
I Think Many Of The Wholesalers Are Located In Mumbai.
It Costs About 55,000 – 65,000 Rs.
Hope This Helps U.

Do you think Starbucks will lose business to Biggby Coffee and other free wi-fi places?

No, starbucks is fueled by the millions of people brainwashed into buying a $5 "deluxe" latte vs. the cheaper stuff elsewhere.

Which bean makes the best coffee(choose answer below) and why?

4.Kona (Hawaii)
6.Costa Rican

Colombian if you drink it like i like my men. its smooth, rich, hot, light, and sweet

How much should a 15 year old Barista (coffee maker) get payed?

I’d say minimum wage plus tips.

Flame on Columbian coffee?

I’m wondering if flame on took the time to google Columbian coffee again? When I did I found every conceivable topic and answer to any queations I could possibly ask.
From the Idiot
This is for a person that doesn’t allow replies that answered my question like a smart ass.

I know I am supposed to put an answer here, but instead I have a question:


Which all flavors are available in Lavazza coffee in India?

There are 4 flavors available in Lavazza ESPRESSO INTENSO, ESPRESSO DOLCE, ESPRESSO DECAFFEINATO & CAFFE CREMA DOLCE to know more you can check the link below

any one work at peets coffee and tea ??

i am a peet fans… so i’m thinking to work there( and love work in a coffee shop too have had that experience before) . does anyone know the pay ?? and any detail welcome

I had a friend that worked for peets, but I’m not sure how much he got paid. I’m sure it wasn’t great pay, but he worked there while in college.

Is there any way to stop Gevalia coffee scam?

This company is practicing a fraudulent business by sending people trial offers and getting hold of their credit card information. They send their victims recurrent shipments of coffee and charge them high rates later without any notice or confirmation. Obviously people cancel their account or change their credit card but Gevalia refuses a refund and keeps deceiving people. Is there a way to stop this and prevent ignorant people from entering their indecent game?

You could report them to the better business bureau(BBB). Here’s a link to the canadian BBB but i don’t know where you’re from. A google search would bring up your countries BBB.

Word of mouth is also a great way, or by emailing people the info.

Good luck.

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